“This blog is an authentic collection of my deepest and weirdest thoughts manifested into poems and random write ups. I often write about movies that touch me the most, songs that make me cry and books that give me hope”

My thought bubbles


As the sun goes downI pull my guard upFor no one will ever protect meFrom the Moon and the bleakness of itI am neither afraid of the cold black sky nor of the shimmering starsI am afraid of the darkness that follows afterThe futility, of not being able to fit the entire cosmos into the […]


I know it’s not fair to blink away at the sight of your face when I promised to stare at you for an eternityI see you laughing away your past , I see what you are hiding beneath that laugh, I really do.But it wasn’t fair either to turn all my virtues into vices but […]


Chipped brown pages and faded inkAn unsent letter of last summer which passed away in a blinkCrying in the corner is a mixtape I recordedOf songs with meanings about butterflies and orchids I put it away in the shelf between my favourite books ,To find excuses to go back to the tape and to my […]

Sea ,Sun and Braids

I still miss beaches .I miss the way water flowed between my toesThe sun glistened on my tanned arms highlighting my dark skinFalling in love with your body was easy back then As a kid I built sandcastles only to break them downWriting messages on the uneven sand bedFor the strangers to readBroken Sand castles […]

Autumn 🍁

How do I write about the melancholic “Fall”And not talk about how the enticing cold wind tingles my skin and grasps me into it’s embraceHow I struggle to stop the winds from wrecking my mindHow the bleakness inside me mocks at the worldOvershadowing the warmth around meMisery floats along with the grey air, reeking of […]


//Blues//πŸŒ€I sat on the wooden porchAnd saw the winds gushing through the tips of the grass stroking them to their coreThe rain trickled down to the arch of my lips and it tempted me to dig through the remnants of my memoriesThe catastrophic memories are an aftermath of the tragedy I didn’t witness, but only […]

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